UPDATE 5-3-21 We have 13 of 25 spots filled.

UPDATE 4-30-21 Registration opens Saturday May 1st. Go to Motorsport Reg to register.

GAMRR 2021 – SEPTEMBER 13th, 14th 15th STOWE VERMONT

We hope you can join us for three fantastic days of rallying in beautiful Stowe Vermont at our host inn The Trapp Family Lodge.

John Buffum, multi-time USA Rally Champion and past European event Rally champion has agreed to be the Clerk of the Course for GAMRR. John was available last year to perform the Recce with my input during the closure of the State of Vermont to out of staters since he lives just north of Burlington. His extensive knowledge of “great” rally roads was instrumental in putting together a fantastic route. John’s vast experience in Stage and Regularity rallies will cement GAMRR as one of the premier Regularity rallies in North America.

GAMRR is a Hybrid rally incorporating a “Tour” with a Regularity Rally.  There will be a course to follow through northern Vermont utilizing a Tulip style of instructions and a short map reading section.   Monday’s ‘Prologue’ rally is a short run north of Stowe to get everyone familiar with the route instructions and the timing; it will be preceded by a short ‘school’.  Tuesday’s rally follows the 1955 route over Smuggler’s Notch to the Canadian border and then heads south through the chain of islands and along the shores of Lake Champlain before its return to Stowe.  Wednesday’s event swings to the south – again following a route from the 50’s – this time from 1956. You’ll encounter 4 mountain passes during its clockwise loop.

GAMRR is similar to the Monte Carlo Historique, which has 300 + cars driving around southern France over 5 days; many ‘cool’ cars with drivers who want to enjoy the idea that they are in a competition, even though they may not be overly concerned with winning; many have service crews and meet up with friends or other competitors along the way. (We assume no one will be bringing their own crew to GAMRR!).  Last year Hagerty provided a free weekend of towing for entrants; we are hoping to secure them again this year.

A true TSD (Time Speed Distance Rally) utilizes checkpoints (controls) throughout the entire route and thus requires you to ‘stay on time, all the time’.  It is not our intention to create a rigid “structure” like a TSD; we feel you should be able to adjust your speed faster or slower as you want, provided you are not in Regularity (timed) section.  You can even make a couple of short stops along the way – but there is a general time schedule throughout the day that you need to follow (it is a rally after all).   GAMRR will allow you to interact with other entrants during the day’s competition and afterwards to share stories at the bar.

There are a number of sections throughout each day where you have to roll up your sleeves and try to stay exactly on time; these are the Timed Sections of the Regularities.  In these sections we will be employing a modern system of GPS timing, eliminating the need for control workers.  The timing system also enables us to have as few or as many controls as we see fit.  The scoring will be performed via an automated system, which will allow a timelier reporting of daily scores.

We do, however, want to maintain the flavor of the original rally and thus we will be limiting the technology that can be used by contestants.  In theory if the technology did not exist in the 1950’s or early 1960’s it is not allowed (with a few exceptions) for GAMRR.  

As we enter the third year of this revival rally (after our break from Covid last year), we are incorporating “lessons learned” during the first two years.

We are dedicated to keeping this event in the spirit of the original events of the 50’s with just a touch of modern-day conveniences.

We are certain you will enjoy it!

See our Facebook page for more info on our 2021 Event on September 13-15th!

Registration opens Saturday May 1st. Go to Motorsport Reg to register.

or email me at

Gary J. Hamilton, Rally Chairman

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