I interview one of the original entrants for GAMR ’55-’56

posted June 23, 2019

Exciting News!I got a message this morning from Matt Bullard who was visiting his Grandfather in Massachusetts this weekend.His grandfather who is 80 something was putting together a scrap book. Matt saw some documents about a “race” back in the 50’s.Well with a little Googling Matt found what this GAMR stuff was all about.Turns out his Grandfather Peter Bullard, and his best friend, George Fogg, raced in the GAMR in 56 in an Alfa Romeo and then again in 57 in a Jaguar! Mat said he and Peter bought the 56 Giulia Spider brand new and went in 1/2 on it. He thought his grandfather worked at some exotic car dealer in NYC; I am thinking Max Hoffman maybe?Then Matt proceeded to send me a few photos of what his grandfather had!Apparently Matt’s grandfather is quite spry and I he said he would love to meet me to talk about the 2 years he ran and show me the boxes of stuff he has.I will be calling Peter soon and try and set up a meeting. He is only about 1-1/2 hours from where I live.I just couldn’t wait to get all the images, but thought I’d share with you what I have so far.Matt plans of running the rally this year with a friend. He is in search of a vehicle to run; but he will be registering never the less.This is really exciting news as most of the competitors are well into their 80-90’s if they are still alive.I have been compiling GAMR info that I inherited from Steve McKelvie and that I found on my own.This appears to be the mother lode..

Peter Bullard whom I meet with for several hours in October 2019 holds up a Rally plate from his entrant in the 1955 GAMR in which he ran in a Jag Coupe as well as a GAMRR 2019 Vest I sent to him.

More info on Peter Bullard GAMR ’55-’56 entrant.

Feb 27, 2021

Some of you who have been following my page know that Peter Bullard ran in GAMR ’55 & ’56. I was put in touch with him by his grandson Matthew Hooper Bullard during the summer of 2019.Peter was kind enough to spend a few hours with me that Summer and allow me to make copies & scans of all the documents he saved form his two years as navigator for George Fogg III. Not to mention tell me some of the amazing stories of running the year that the SAAB factory team turned up on the scene and proceeded to put everyone else to shame; especially on the steep gaps in Vermont; where they proceeded to back up the hill! In the Fall of 2019 Matt and his father Stephen Bullard ran in GAMRR 2019! It was fantastic to have them attend. As I continue to find new documents about this event I have been sharing them with the group. A few months ago I purchased almost 200 original negatives from the 1955 event.I found a few shots of the Jag that Peter ran in; but none were all that great. I was quite disappointed. Then as I was finishing scanning one of the last folders I came across a fantastic shot of Car # 37! (The car he ran in for 1955).I had my friend a professional photographer clean up the image and the results were amazing. You could actually make out Peter and George inside the car! I had the final image printed on archival paper and framed it. I mailed it out to Peter a few weeks ago and got a call from Peter as to how excited he was to get this great piece of his automotive adventures.Today I received an email from Peter Bullard. Attached is a photo he attached to the email.This is such a great feeling to put someone back in touch with something they did over 65 years ago. Peter will be turning 90 later this year; which meant he was 25 when he entered his first GAMR. Congrats Peter; and thanks for sharing your story with all of us!

May be an image of 1 person, dog and indoor
Peter and his trusty companion showing the picture of Jag # 31 I acquired and printed for Peter.

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