The Future of our Sport

Oct 25, 2020

Today I received an email from Wayne Dix who ran GAMRR last year with his 16 year old daughter Bronwyen.It was her first rally.Following is the email he sent and a great photo.

Hi Gary,Today we would be in the last stages of GAMMR if the event had run this year. So I wanted to take this moment to offer you encouragement about next year.You may recall that my daughter Bronwyn and I ran last year in a 1999 Corvette. This summer we had an opportunity to acquire a suitable vintage ride for GAMMR in the form of a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe turned out in Chrysler vintage racing and road rally livery. We have the documentation on the car which we will bring with us next year. I looked into running a one day vintage rally in the Catskills, but we had a few hurdles to clear that prevented it – a month to get through registration and inspection then back ordered tires from Coker that are really needed before running any distance. Plus a few leaks underneath the car need attention. So, we’re focused on next year, and logging some miles in the meantime to build confidence in her capabilities.

All the best,Wayne

Wayne G. Dix

Wayne and his daughter Bronwyn in front of the beautiful Chrysler they plan on running in GAMRR for 2021

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