March 21, 2020

I started watching a new documentary on Manuel Fangio last night on Netflix.Fangio has long been though of as the greatest Formula 1 driver in the history of the sport. I had remembered reading that Fangio was actually the Starter for the 1956 event! I decided to google Fangio and GAMR. What I came across was a portion via Google Books of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America Fifty Years of History: 50th Anniversary, 1956 by Bruce A. Adams. It spoke about Fango starting the rally, and a story of two competitors running the 56 event in a MB 300SL Gull wing. Following is a scan of the two pages. I am hoping one of my Mercedes collector contacts has a clean copy I can substitute; but for now this is what I have. What is also interesting is I have a number of photos of a 300SL running during what I was told was the ’55 rally. Maybe it is the car in the story and I was mislead on the date of the photo. How cool is this find, because I was watching documentary!

An excerpt form the MB book about running GAMR in a 300SL

I think this may be Route 7 in Vermont
Hot on the tail of a Ford Coupe
On a mountain pass, still following the Ford.

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