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Over the last 3-4 weeks John Buffum (Clerk of the Course) has been running over portions of the event to do some minor revisions on routes and establishing timing control locations. I hope to have Route Books from John in the next month or so and plan on running part of the event in mid June when I go to Vermont to work a control on John’s Summer Challenge Rally. . Since I will be there all day Saturday I am thinking of staying over Saturday night and running some of the route on Sunday.

Following are a few pics John Took for portions of days 1 & 2 last week.

May be an image of grass and tree
Historic Plaque at the 21st President of the US Chester Arthur site.
May be an image of road, nature, body of water, grass and tree
Running along Lake Champlain
May be an image of bridge, body of water and nature
The north end of Lake Champlain heading from Swanton into Alburg very near the Canadian border.
May be an image of tree and nature
Running along the West Side of Lake Champlain looking across towards Mount Mansfield in Vermont.


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