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I have been sharing info I recently acquired for the ’53 & ’54 GAMR over the past month or so on my Facebook Page.

A little more background on where this info came from:

In December I was contacted by someone in Missouri who had acquired some documents about some sort of race in 1953 & 1954. He found my postings about GAMR and tied the documents to the event. He sent some photos he took with his phone which really peaked my curiosity; especially since I had no real info about the first two years of the event. We corresponded for a few days and I came to find out the documents were in a storage locker he purchased. (Apparently this is somewhat of a business for him.) I told him I was interested in his find and to think about what he wanted for it. A few weeks later I found out that he had posted it on EBay for; shall we say a lofty amount. Hi ask was way more than I would be willing to pay so I waited for a few weeks and contacted him as someone who essentially is the unofficial archivist of this event. I told him that I would hope we could come to an agreement so that all the info could stay together. Fast forward a week or so and I made an offer I thought was fair and he accepted it. I made a brief posting back on January 4th about the package with the documents showing up at my house. Everything was as he said it; chronologically archived in a ring binder for each year; and every page was in a separate plastic sleeve to protect it. I spent a number of weeks scanning the docs and putting this into some semblance of order. I have been reading through them and putting together the history of a team who ran the event for the two years.

The team was a James Yule of Maryland and his brother Roger of Philadelphia. James was the Driver and Roger was the Co Driver (Navigator). They ran in James wife’s car – a 1951 Healy Nash. (Awfully nice of her to lend them her car for a 1000 jaunt thought New England in late Fall!) Turns out James were a member of The Motor Sports Club of America (MSCA) the club which organized The Great American Mountain Rally for all four years of its running.

I will try and put interesting tidbits together to tell some short stories of different aspects of the event from a competitor’s perspective.

As I compile this information I am learning details about the event and hope that you enjoy sharing my discoveries.

Ring Binder with original docs from GAMR 1954
The two ring binders containing original docs from GAMR ’53 & ’54
Kaiser Survey Car for GAMR 1954
Misc Pics from GAMRR ’54
Program Cover for GAMR 1954 – Sheila Van Damm pictured next to her Sunbeam Alpine

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