5-11-21 Over the last 3-4 weeks John Buffum (Clerk of the Course) has been running over portions of the event to do some minor revisions on routes and establishing timing control locations. I hope to have Route Books from John in the next month or so and plan on running part of the event inContinue reading “RECCE CHECKS ON GAMRR 2021 CONTINUE”

The Man Behind many of the roads in GAMRR 2021

5-10-21 SO; WHO IS BEHIND CHOOSING MANY OF THE GREAT ROADS WE WILL BE RUNNING THIS YEAR? Many of you know COVID shut my access to Vermont for the last year. Luckily John Buffum lives not an hour from the Trapp Inn; the host hotel for our event. John volunteered to start laying out theContinue reading “The Man Behind many of the roads in GAMRR 2021”

A First Hand Account of Driving a Hudson in the 2019 GAMRR

Dr Gregory Davis and his wife Lynn have entered GAMRR in 2018 & 2019, both times in different Hudsons. Following is a link to his blog which covers all three days of the 2019 event. Please check it out; some great reading and will give you a real feel for what this event is about.Continue reading “A First Hand Account of Driving a Hudson in the 2019 GAMRR”


March 21, 2020 I started watching a new documentary on Manuel Fangio last night on Netflix.Fangio has long been though of as the greatest Formula 1 driver in the history of the sport. I had remembered reading that Fangio was actually the Starter for the 1956 event! I decided to google Fangio and GAMR. WhatContinue reading “MORE HISTORY SURFACES ON THE GREAT AMERICAN MOUNTAIN RALLYE”

Info About The Rootes Factory Team In The 1953 GAMR

Dec 26, 2020 New info on GAMR 1953! My daughter found some great documents from the Great American Mountain Rallye from 1953 and gave it to me for Christmas. Some amazing things, I have never seen before. It is press package sent to a Rootes Dealer in Portugal in 1953 about the participation of theContinue reading “Info About The Rootes Factory Team In The 1953 GAMR”

Another entrant from the 1955 GAMR surfaces

Feb 23, 2021 A short while ago I received an email from a reader asking me about some entrants in the 1955 GAMR event.I looked at the copy of the entry list, as sure as heck his mother and father were listed as an entry! Below is a copy of the email he sent me.Continue reading “Another entrant from the 1955 GAMR surfaces”

I interview one of the original entrants for GAMR ’55-’56

posted June 23, 2019 Exciting News!I got a message this morning from Matt Bullard who was visiting his Grandfather in Massachusetts this weekend.His grandfather who is 80 something was putting together a scrap book. Matt saw some documents about a “race” back in the 50’s.Well with a little Googling Matt found what this GAMR stuffContinue reading “I interview one of the original entrants for GAMR ’55-’56”

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