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This past weekend I spent Saturday running in John Buffum’s Summer Challenge Rally. Originally John had asked me to work a control; but then he told me he had someone looking to run the event with someone. I agreed and so I meet Alex Hanson at the start.  Alex has run a few of John’s rallys, but always as a driver; he wanted to get his first exposure as a navigator.

He offered to let me drive is 86 SAAB 900, but I opted for my 4 Runner as it has AC and it was pretty warm. It took us a few hours to get our communication down so that we both understood what to do. John was running the Richta scoring system; which we will be using in GAMRR; so I wanted a bit more exposure to it. The morning scores came in and; well they were pretty dismal. Not to worry we set out to have a good time, get some more exposure to the Richta Rally app; and not get lost!

As the afternoon section got going we got off to a good start, a few single digit scores and a few under 30; awesome that was as good as we could expect; but then “ringy ding” from our rally app. “OFF COURSE” It was a trap that John had set up which if you did not follow his directions explicitly you would make an incorrect turn and he had an Off Course Control! The nice thing is you get a message from the app as to how to get back on course with some simple instructions; pretty cool.

I got a text from John early afternoon asking if we were alright. Apparently our car dropped off the map that he was using to track the competitors. We were fine, jut that Alex’s phone had lost reception. It never lost any data as it does not require a phone connection to record your scores.  The next time service is available it downloads the cache to the Rally Master.

At the end of the day, a number of max scores (2 minutes late) and a few missed turns put us near the bottom of the pack.

All in all would we have like to been up in the competition, yes; but regardless we had a great time!

Alex thanks for running as Co Driver (Navigator).  Remember practice makes perfect!

See you on the route somewhere down the rally road.

This has been my second rally running with the Richta App; which we will be running for GAMRR 2021, and I have to say it is going to be a game changer; allowing us to have as many controls as we want, monitoring competitor’s location during the event; helping them remotely if they appear lost, and providing scoring in a timely manner.


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