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As everyone knows Covid had basically shut down Vermont for almost a year. In the interim John Buffum has been running routes based upon his long term local knowledge and roads I wanted to use from the original ’55-’56 events.

John gave me a copy of his near final version for DAY 2 when I went to his Summer Challenge Rally last Saturday.

After the event I drove to Stowe and stayed over so I could get an early start as it was near 6 hours of driving and then about 4 hours home.

I left the Trapp Inn at 7:15 with the RIs on my rally roller board, a couple of highlighters and my Terratrip.

I was looking to see that the RIs were clear and not confusing. I ran 90% of the route before I had to head home. I only had a few minor suggestions.

Fantastic roads starting in the mountains of Stowe, including Smugglers Notch; running down into the farms of the Champlain Valley to Lake Champlain at the Canadian border and through the chain of islands that separate Vermont from NY. There were a couple of hard pack gravel roads that were incredibly smooth as they had been recently graded. One of the island shore roads had just been paved and was like silk.

The scenery is fantastic and the route is very interesting.  I am sure everyone will enjoy it.

Some pics attached.

Morning fog in Stowe

Test your brakes

My Vintage Terratrip

Running up the Notch

A beautiful gravel road


Crossing Lake Champlain, US to the left,

Canada to the right, just 2 miles North

Cottages on Lake Champlain

A barn on one of the Champlain Islands

One of the Island Roads

Looking from South Hero Island towards the Vermont main land

A milk break with some fresh local milk


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